Frequently Asked Questions (What to Take On Safari)
What to wear on Safari?

Safari wear can be difficult to choose because the conditions that you experience on a trip to Africa could be very different from what you are used to. The guidelines below will help you make the right choices...

What to bring on safari? A handy checklist for your safari:
- Anti-malaria prophylactics
- Sunblock
- Sunglasses
- Comfortable sturdy ankle length thick-soled walking boots
- Sandals
- Binoculars, camera and accessories (remember spare batteries)
- Casual lightweight cotton, khaki or neutral coloured clothes for safari
- Fleece or sweater and a warm jacket for game drives or cool evenings
- Shorts & cotton T-shirts
- Swimming costume
- Wide brimmed hat
- Personal toiletries, sun barrier creams and lip creams

Winter months (May to September)
Warm clothes (thick jacket, scarf) are needed for evening activities and high altitudes.
Light sweaters are sufficient for midday.
Summer months (October to April)
Neutral coloured light cotton clothing, T-shirts and shorts for everyday wear.
Jeans or safari trousers for evening wear.

Take a soft bag, especially if you will be using light aircraft transfers to your lodge or camp. The baggage limit is 12kg per person for lodge safaris as well as scheduled camping safaris.

What Not to take!

  1. Wearing "Hollywood style" and/or camouflage outfits. Normal non-synthetic, comfortable fitting, neutral coloured clothes are what you need to be taking.
  2. Bright coloured clothing should be avoided and white clothes will show up dust and dirt. Red makes you very conspicuous to the wildlife especially on a walking safari. Khaki, brown and olive colours are ideal.
  3. Not packing something warm. Although the days in Africa can be blisteringly hot the temperature will sometimes drop sharply at nights. Pack a jersey, pullover or safari jacket.
  4. Don't go without a safari hat. Safari hats are essential to ward of the African sun and protect you from sunburn.
  5. Packing in your heavy walking boots is unnecessary (unless you are doing a walking safari). Simple lightweight safari shoes/trainers (non white) or sandals/sports sandals are more sensible.
  6. Packing too much clothing. You will not need more than 2 or 3 comfortable non-synthetic short sleeved safari shirts and the same amount of long sleeved safari tops.

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