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A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds (or between two people in an early harmonious period in a relationship) to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion...

The oldest explanation dates back to ancient Babylonian times. According to this theory, the bride's father would provide the couple with mead for one month after the marriage which the couple drank daily during that time. Because the mead was made of honey and because the month would have been measured by the phases of the moon, not by a modern calendar, this period became known as the honeymoon.

So let Different Tracks help you to create your perfect honeymoon - a whole month, a week, a long weekend - whatever you have planned we have some brilliant ideas and access to some very special honeymoon offers. When planning your honeymoon we take care to ensure that you get exactly (or even more) what you want. We understand that this holiday marks the beginning of something special and that it will carry with it ever-lasting memories for you both.

Different Tracks will help you through your honeymoon planning process. We know how stressful it is to plan and organise your special Wedding Day and often the Honeymoon gets left until 'later'! If you want an adventure honeymoon this is the popular new trend; it is a great way to have fun and explore new places. However if you fancy just chilling out after the hectic lead up to the all-important wedding, that's fine too! Everyone's idea of their perfect Honeymoon is different, because we all like to do different things, so whether you want to be cultural, shop, lie in the sun, explore, be adventurous or a combination of things - it's your Honeymoon!

One of our favourite adventure destinations is Africa. The wildlife in Africa is the big draw to this destination, there are lots of options available and it is hard to choose, but the best combination is beach and bush which provides you with both the beauty of the Indian Ocean and the great adventure of the bush.

However a few top tips
Do put some effort into planning your honeymoon to make sure you get it just right.

The first thing to decide upon will be what type of honeymoon you want to have.
Once you know what type of honeymoon you want, have a think about where you'd like to go and how long you can escape for.

Our advice is to start this process as early as 12 months in advance, but certainly don't plan less than 6 months in advance - you may ask why?

• Well, if you are set on that Beach and Bush Honeymoon, a lot of the Safari lodges are small and intimate - perfect!, but means that if they only have 6 or 8 rooms and only one Honeymoon suite, it may well be 'booked already' by the time you decide.
• Your beach destination will also have limited 'Honeymoon suites' available and of course there are only a set amount of Ocean View rooms and they are the most popular, so best to not be disappointed. If you want to go somewhere lively, Portugal is a good choice. You can relax on the beach during the day before checking out theAlbufeira nightlife.
• Some resorts restrict the number of Honeymoon offers available at any one time, so if you want to take advantage of what they have to offer - do get in first. Offers we've seen recently 'Bride goes FREE'; FREE Spa treatments; Complimentary Beach dining for 2; Complimentary Bottle of Champagne and more...
• It's always a good idea to get your flights confirmed as soon as you know where want to go. If your itinerary includes flight transfers etc. (Bush and Beach usually do) you need to be sure your International flight is arriving at the correct time for the internal connection, as these are often far less frequent than the long-haul flights. NOTE: Different Tracks will be able to hold your International Flights with no obligation until 10 weeks prior to departure, when if you choose not to travel with us we will simply cancel them

Take some time to browse through our selected Itineraries. These are merely suggestions and can be changed to suit your exact requirements OR we will build something 'special' just for you. Build in anything you ever dreamed of, Hot-air Ballooning, Tented Safari, Romantic Bush dinners, Streaming foam filled baths next to a log fire, Rose petals in your beachside Jacuzzi, a Lobster picnic on the white Indian Ocean sand, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.